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Gustavo started playing piano at the age of six with his father and then continued at the Manuel de Falla Municipal Conservatory in Buenos Aires, where he graduated as “Profesor Superior de Piano”. At the same time he was a member of the National Children’s Choir of Argentina from 1983 to 1987.
Since then he has performed at various concert halls in Buenos Aires, including the “Salón Dorado” at the Teatro Colón and has toured Asia, Europe and America with both classical and Tango performances.

Since 2001 he has focused on composition, arrangement and musical production for films, TV series, shorts and documentaries in Argentina, Spain  and Italy. He composed the music for the plays “The resurrection of Hamlet” and “Te de reinas,” both of which premiered in Buenos Aires; for the film “Condon Express”, the documentaries “Looking for Paradise” and “Paolina era la madre di Giulia” and various Argentine and Spanish shorts.

He has worked as orchestrator, pianist and music producer on the soundtracks of movies including “The Secret in Their Eyes”, “The Getaway”, “Passionate People”, “The Education of Fairies”, “The Hands”,”The Blind Sunflowers”, “Julia’s Eyes”, “Say I Do”, “Blinkers”, “Thieves”, “Triage”,  “I want to be a soldier”, “The ignorance of blood”, “Francisco – El Padre Jorge”, “La corona partida”, “Koblic” and for TV series such as “La señora”, “Gran Reserva”, “Hispania”, “Hospital Central”, “Grand Hotel”, “Isabel” & “Carlos, Rey Emperador”.


He has also composed works for concert hall for various chamber ensembles. The latests compositions include “Impresiones porteñas” for winds octet, commissioned by the Ensamble Academico de vientos  and premiered in La Usina del Arte in Buenos Aires (2015) ; “Preludio, Coral & Blue” for piano, clarinet and string quintet commissioned by Sonor Ensemble and premiered in Ateneo de Madrid

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